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Online Maths Resources

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Coraline Year 6

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Our summer curriculum 2019

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Maths Games

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Developing children’s talk for learning

Developing Oracy skills

A key priority at Donnington Wood CE Junior School is the development of oracy. We are working hard to ensure all pupils make progress with this important skill and we monitor this progress across the school.

There are a number of ways parents and carers can help support their child in this key area.


This is the ability to communicate through confident speaking and reasoning skills. Children need to become articulate and confident speakers and this year we are focussing on classroom talk to enhance vocabulary, demonstrate understanding and express ideas.

· Encourage your child to speak clearly and in full sentences using correct grammar in a variety of settings (shops, restaurants, with adults, etc)

· Help them develop a mature vocabulary by suggesting better word choices and teach them new words to use each week.

· Discuss ideas and talk with your child to help them express their thoughts and questions about everyday issues seen on TV or in the family home.

· Play word games that develop vocabulary choices and encourage descriptive techniques.

Skills for good talking

· Make eye contact -address your audience/listener

· Use the correct words and grammar. Avoid lazy fillers (‘stuff’)

· Speak clearly and make yourself heard. Use expression.

· Speak in full sentences and articulate your words.

· Listen attentively. Can you repeat what was said to you?

· Explain yourself – give reasons for your ideas. Say “I think… because…”

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