End of year thanks and Golden celebrations

Well, our Summer term has finally come to an end and, as we complete this strange and challenging school year, we would like to say a huge congratulations and well done to all pupils who have continued to work hard with their learning and education, whether at home or in school.

Many of you have missed your friends and staff, put up with parents or carers as ‘temporary teachers’, struggled to get up in the mornings, enjoyed new challenges and activities with family, and coped with new routines. You have all been amazing (parents/carers included!) and we are so proud of how hard you tried to keep learning and practising important skills.

We were so pleased to see many of you bravely return to school over the last few weeks to complete transition to your new classes. We have all missed you at school and want September to be safe and worry-free when we return.

We hope you will all have a relaxing, safe and restful summer holiday and we look forward to being back together in school in September. We are sure many of you will have questions and concerns about what the new term will be like so please check our website news and updates section for the latest information about our plans for returning.

A number of parents have asked us about work that can be continued through the holiday weeks so that children are ready, as much as possible, for their new class and year group. Hopefully, you have received your SeeSaw login details and can access planned activities on this new, exciting learning app at home. Our teachers are working hard to set special SeeSaw tasks each week in July/August.

Remember to keep reading, practising your Year group spellings and testing your times tables recall on Times Tables Rockstars. We will also include links to other resources you can continue to use.

Special awards and congratulations to our Website Superstars who submitted most work whilst at home.

Year 3: Alice, Austin, Lavinia, Paola and Yasmin

Year 4: Ellese, Zack, Riley, Lacey and Natan

Year 5: Kinga, Ellie, Bradley, Dylan, Angelo, Stacey, Lillie, Lena, Sofia and Kelly

Year 6: Kornel, Shelby, Sky, Lauren, Ellie, Lexi-Mae and Patryk

A special well done and thank you to our In-School Superstars who came in each day during lockdown and beyond.

Year 3: James, Ethan, Amin, Amelia

Year 4: Brodie, Rebecca, Gerrard

Year 5: Dylan, Grace

Year 6: Dale, Jayden, Finley

To our special Year 6 we give a special thank you and well done! You have been an amazing group of children throughout your time at DWJ and we wish you every success and happiness in your new secondary schools. We pray you will always carry the core values of our school with you –building new friendships, persevering through new challenges and hoping and aspiring to achieve your full potentials. God bless you all -have a great summer!

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It has been amazing to see such a positive response to the activities and challenges that teachers have been setting on our new online learning platform – SEESAW!

Teachers are currently busy scheduling challenges for the children for the summer holidays: there will be two English, two Maths and one topic-based activity uploaded each week.

These are designed to be enjoyable, educational activities that will support your children into their transition to their new year group in September.

As always, your children are at the heart of everything we do, however, during this time, please understand that teachers will be having a break also, so, although we will be smiling at your children’s wonderful contributions, replies to work will be limited during this time.

Thank you for your continued support; we look forward to seeing all of your amazing activities and celebrating them with you in September.

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Good Morning Everyone!

Today you should be doing your next sound. While in school we completes the ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (book) and oo (zoo) sounds. Once you have watched today’s video why don’t you pick 4 of these sounds, set a 5 or 10 minuet timer and see how many words you can remember and spell during the timer!

Enjoy! Miss Price


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Friday Fun Quiz!

It’s Friday again, so that means it’s time for our Friday Fun Quiz!

Following our DT work about chocolate yesterday, we have decided to continue this theme for our quiz this week.

Click on the attached document for the information for this, and the game pin.


Friday Fun Quiz Chocolate.pdf

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DT Day!

Today, we are going to be chocolate creators! Cadbury has released a competition where you can design your own bar of chocolate and they will be picking a winner!

To prepare yourself for such an amazing competition, complete the design sheet with your chocolate invention. You will be asked to design your own chocolate bar wrapper. For this, think carefully about the ingredients that you choose, and how these can be shown on your wrapper. For example, for marshmallows, you may include bubble writing or if you include popping candy you may draw fireworks on your wrapper.

If you would like to take part in the competition, ask an adult first, then find out more details by visiting Cadbury’s website: https://www.cadburyinventor.com/competition.

DT work.pdf

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Wednesday’s Music Activities

Hello Donnington Wood,

This week I have some more musical activities for you. As always I have included a guitar and a ukulele song to learn, for those with instruments of course. Also, there are some other activities based on songs. Enjoy and stay safe.

Mr Vince

Basic Guitar Chords.docx


Music Games Websites.docx

musical instrument comprehension.pdf

rewrite the stars song .docx



Ukulele Chords.docx

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Good Morning!

Today for Phonics we are looking at ‘igh’. Have a go at using your Fred fingers to pinch the sounds and write them down.
Once you have watched the lesson, have a go at writing some sentences using your ‘igh’ words.
Enjoy! Miss Price

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Golden Blog

Golden Book this week

Year 6
Kornel (6P) has been working hard on his Geography this week – learning all about our local tourist attractions! Shelby (6P) has put real thought into what he would like to include in his time capsule – well done! Lauren (6D) has also been filling up her time capsule. Great work Lauren – you will enjoy looking back at this in the future!

Year 4
Abby (4B) has created a brilliant newspaper report all about Henry VIII and his six wives – great job! Zack (4B) and his younger sister have both taken part in our art challenge this week. Look at their beautiful scenes from their windows.

Year 3
Lavinia (3O) created this wonderful weather scene. It shows a rainbow being created after the sun and the rain have been out. Beautiful work! Paola (3P) has drawn the sky at night with some nocturnal animals for her art challenge this week. The choice of colours is great! Alice (3O) decided to do some craft activities. Look at this great creation she made!

Other celebrations:
Friday Fun Quiz scores:

Spelling Year 3 and 4 top 3 scores:

Spelling Year 5 and 6 top 3 scores:

Science Kahoot scores:

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Super Spellers!

Who will be crowned a Super Speller this week?

Click on the PDF document for this week’s spelling lists and a suggested timetable of how you may wish to practise these spellings. We have also attached a blank handwriting template for you to practise your spellings and handwriting at the same time.

Super Spellers.pdf

Blank handwriting sheet.pdf

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Reading Resources

This week, we have another great range of reading resources for you!

If you would like to discover both classic and modern literature to read, which includes a whole range of suggested activities for you to complete, or even a variety of short stories and factual texts to read aloud, then we have the resources for you!

Happy reading!

Reading resources.pdf

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