Whole School Phonics

Good Morning Everyone,

When learning your sounds, it’s really important to practice blending to make words. Today’s activity is all about building words, segmenting and blending together. It’s really easy to set up, all you need is post it notes or small pieces of paper and pens to write the sounds!

Below is an example.

Let’s see how many words you can make, Enjoy!

Miss Price

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DT Designs

Good evening TEAM

We have been blown away by your amazing DT inventions – mission completed!

Alice, Nathaniel and Millie have all created their toy creations from plastic bottles whilst Natan has created a very colourful instrument!

Kinga and Ellie have been busy creating their own version of the Infinite Possibility.

Whilst Horatio, Patryk and Shelby have been making marvellous monsoon-proof shelters.

Thank you for sharing all of your amazing inventions! Have a great weekend!

Miss Barden and Mr Davda

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Super Studying!

Hello everyone

Some fantastic work again today TEAM!

Maksim has sent us some of his work from this week including work from his pack and his geography poster. Ella-Rae has also sent us her geography poster of a volcano and her Spring scene poster from Art Day.

Alice, Maksim and Nathaniel have shared their marvellous maths.

So have Natan and Riley.

We have also been sent in some wonderful writing from Maksim, Alice and Nathaniel.

As well as writing work from Kinga, Ellie, Horatio and Patryk.

Fantastic work TEAM – well done!

Miss Barden and Mr Davda

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New Home School learning plans

Hello DWJ pupils

It is now the weekend and school postings will begin again on Monday.

What a brilliant week of learning it has been! So many of you have been using your time at home to keep up with your learning. We have been overwhelmed by the responses we have had to all the activities we have been posting. Please keep this up so you are ready to rejoin us again back at school whenever that might be!

We will be now posting Maths and English work for a whole week on a Monday. It will be divided into four separate posts:

Year 3/4 Maths            Year 3/4 English             Year 5/6 Maths            Year 5/6 English

All of your teachers will be on hand to reply to your emails and we will continue to post your photos on the web page. So please make sure to send updates on how you are getting on to the following email addresses:



Your Foundation subjects– Keep checking the website daily, as your Foundation subject challenges will be put up each morning by your topic teachers. Here is a timetable to show you when.

Curriculum activities
Day Week 1 Week 2
Monday Art activities French games
Tuesday History projects PE games
Wednesday Geography projects Music links
Thursday Science experiments PSHE ideas
Friday D&T challenges RE stories

Monday 30th March will be the start of Week 2

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

From your DWJ teachers!

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Join in with the DWJ Daily Art Challenge

Hello TEAM,

It’s Miss Percival here! I hope you have enjoyed your first week learning from home. I have really enjoyed looking at your fantastic work each day, especially the super artwork on Monday.

Inspired by your efforts, I am very excited to introduce the DWJ Daily Art Challenge beginning on Monday. Each weekday there will be a new theme, with a few prompts and ideas – the rest is up to you! I will be posting a calendar with the daily themes for the following week every Friday.

A few notes about the challenge:

· As with all of the resources we post, this is completely optional. It is there if you need some inspiration and feel like getting creative. You can take on the challenge of creating something daily, or you may only want to take part on some days – it’s up to you!

· Don’t worry if you don’t have lots of fancy art supplies – the more creative you can be with what you do have, the better.

· You don’t need to spend hours creating a masterpiece each day – some days you might do this, and other days it may be a quick doodle. Both are encouraged!

· The challenge isn’t just for children! Parents/carers and siblings, feel free get involved! Art is a great way to work together, have fun and relax during difficult times.

Most of all, if you do take part, don’t forget to share your fantastic creations with us using the email addresses below:

dwjs34.wood@taw.org.uk – Year 3/4 pupils

dwjs56.wood@taw.org.uk – Year 5/6 pupils

Below you will see the Daily Art Challenge calendar for next week, beginning with the theme “Me” on Monday.

I can’t wait to get started!

Miss Percival

Daily Art Challenge – Week 1.pdf

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Whole School Phonics

Good morning everyone!

I hope you have been enjoying learning in the sunshine. To make the most of the sun today how about trying some outdoor phonics games. There are plenty of learning opportunities all around you! Have a look at the pictures of games below to inspire you.

Enjoy! Miss Price

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Time for a Design Technology Treat!

Good morning inventors, designers and engineers!

It is time to be creative! Today, your DT challenge is to look in your recycle bins and use whatever you have to design, construct and test a model.

Year 6: You must create a rain shelter (a model will do but you can make a big one if you want) that is monsoon proof. Using natural ways to join the parts, would be a bonus. If you have a garden, or go for a walk, look for some material to use.



Year 5: You must design and make the Infinite Possibility (the rocket in our book ‘Cosmic’). Adding any moving parts would be a bonus!


https://www.youtube.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hThMoHB88wwatch?v=jjU1IAgRcQg

Year 4: You made guitars in DT. Can you make a range of different  musical instruments that can produce different sounds? It would be a bonus if you can include wind and string instruments.


Year 3: Make a toy (like the boats we made). It would be even better if they use a force to move.


Have a great day designing! Don’t forget to email in a picture of your models and there will be future prizes for the best ones.

Mr Cadle

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